University of Waterloo committed to embedding health and wellness into all aspects of campus culture by adopting the Okanagan Charter. The well-being of our people and campus community is fundamental to achieving our goal to be recognized as one of the most innovate universities in the world.

University of Waterloo commits to embedding health and wellness into all aspects of campus culture, using the following principles as the foundation for our work:

Pie graph - holistic/inclusive/comprehensive

  • Holistic: Actions will be informed by a holistic view of health to include physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being.
  • Inclusive: Actions will consider everyone who lives, works, and learns at University of Waterloo. All individuals inclusive of their religious, culture, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender-identify, physical and mental ability will be supported to achieve their optimal health.
  • Comprehensive: The approach will move beyond the individual to implement social and environmental interventions that create the conditions for well-being, including policies, the built and natural environment, campus culture, and services.

okanagan charter

For more information about the Okanagan Charter, please visit the Health Promoting Campuses website.