Career View Mirror - Video Transcript

Welcome to Career View Mirror! This site has been built to help Waterloo students explore profiles of Waterloo alumni who are now working in traditional and non-traditional roles in many different industries. While it is only a sample of the thousands of career possibilities that exist, it is a great place to start investigating your interests and beginning further research into a career that you will enjoy. You will be able to view job information and alumni advice, and save anything from the profiles to a summary page. This makes it easy to print out and bring to a discussion with a Career Advisor, a talk with a family member or friend, help you plan out what alumni events you may want to participate in, or conduct any further research.

To get started, check out the profiles on the home page. You can search through all of the available profiles or filter by Education Level or Program Area. Remember, the point of this site is to explore many different possibilities, so for our tour I'm going to leave all of the search options open.

Let's check out a Research Coordinator. Once I open their profile, I can learn about their background in the Bio section, see advice and information the alumni whish they knew in university, essential skills that are required for the role, suggested resources, what motivates the alumni to go to work in this role every day, and how they are using their degree. If we click on Bio, I can also read about their job summary and educational info. I may even notice that this alumni has a Masters Degree. I've been thinking about pursuing grad school so it's good to know that it is probably valued in this particular type of role.

If I take a look at Skills, I'm glad to see "communication" come up first - I think this is one of my strengths - it's interesting to see the fit with this role.

Under resources, I see a link for CIHR - I recognize that, but I think I need to do a bit more research on funding and that part of the research process.

After completely reviewing the profile, I may want to write some notes on what I've learned. Here I might add a note to look up the CIHR website that I saw in resources to learn more about this process.

This was a good profile for me - I learned a lot and saw a great fit with my skill set. Based on my exploration, I'm mildly interested in this role so I'm going to rank it 3/5 stars in terms of fit.

After reviewing a number of profiles I can check out what I have saved to my Summary Page, and see that all of my notes have been saved here too. I can even print this out to determine next steps. There are also suggestions for how to use this information and who to talk to next if I click on the Take Your Next Step button. Clicking Home will always take you back to the main page where you can start another search for profiles.

Keep coming back to Career View Mirror to view new profiles and continue your exploration!