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Online résumé critique project

The Centre for Career Action (CCA) is excited to announce that we have partnered with a machine learning company to increase access to résumé support for our campus community through online résumé critiquing software.

Other online tools allow you to upload your document for automatic – but generic – feedback on your résumé, and usually for a fee. CCA’s partnership will allow University of Waterloo students to submit their résumé and receive immediate, relevant feedback based on student needs.

By uploading real résumés, we can use machine learning to ‘teach’ the software the characteristics of University of Waterloo résumés for specific programs, and allow students to receive customized critiques that help showcase their skills.

Students, submit your résumé.

We need you! Help us develop tailored feedback benchmarks in the résumé critiquing software by sharing your résumé. We are looking for a range of résumés across all faculties, programs, and levels. With your résumé submission we will help the software learn the needs of your program and tailor the feedback it provides to University of Waterloo students in the future. 

What do I need to do before uploading my résumé

Nothing – simply submit your résumé in PDF format. CCA will take care of anonymizing the document on your behalf.

What will happen to my résumé?

Before entering the system all personal data including your name, contact information, and student number will be removed from the document to ensure your résumé remains fully anonymous.

Once in the system, your anonymized résumé will be used by the software to develop program and industry benchmarks that fit the needs of University of Waterloo students. 

A limited number of University of Waterloo employees and résumé critique software company staff will have access to your résumé. While every effort is made to ensure the utmost confidentiality, the Centre for Career Action and the University of Waterloo are not liable for any unforeseen breaches of security. Other users of the résumé critiquing software will not have access to, or be able to see, your résumé.

Terms of agreement:

  1. I understand that my participation in this initiative is completely voluntary.
  2. I herby grant the University of Waterloo permission to hold, store and utilize my résumé for the online résumé critiquing software project.
  3. I understand that all résumés will be fully scrubbed of personal information by the Centre for Career Action before being uploaded to the résumé critiquing software.
  4. I hereby grant the University of Waterloo permission to share my anonymized résumé with the résumé critiquing software. 
  5. I understand anonymized résumés will be housed on a server in the United States. The Centre for Career Action is taking every precaution to scrub résumés of identifiable information before uploading my résumé into the system. 

The University of Waterloo is committed to accessibility for persons with disabilities. We want to ensure that all participants are comfortable and able to participate fully in the online résumé critique project. If you have any accommodation requests in order to ensure your participation in the submission process, please contact careers@uwaterloo.ca.

Ready to submit your résumé?

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Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.