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Grad students and postdocs review our one-on-one career advising appointments:

Super helpful, knowledgeable and was able to administer sound advice. Motivated me to be excited about the job search process.            
So extremely helpful. I loved every moment with [my advisor] and hope to book future appointments. Extremely insightful and informative. All of my questions were answered and when I strayed from the topic (Linkedin), I was still given a plethora of information for these areas as well. I look forward to my next appointment to assess my progress!
This was a well invested hour. The advisor's comments drastically improved my CV, and how I relate to my academic career. I wish I had come in sooner and I am communicating that to other students in my department. Great Work!
I was most impressed by the relaxed nature of the session. I never felt rushed or that we were running out of time. [my advisor] also had lots of valuable insights on ways to improve my CV. This session was an excellent use of my time, and I feel my CV will be strengthened as a result.
[My advisor] was amazing! She was so knowledgeable. Thanks to her I left feeling empowered and excited about my job search.
The session went phenomenally well! It's great to speak with an advisor and get feedback not only on my resume but all the questions I had relating to cover letter, interviews, and job offers. Thank you!
Great service. I was impressed how she thought about so many suggestions for me on the fly. [My advisor] is an absolutely amazing career advisor. She is very personable and friendly which made me feel very comfortable asking any questions I had. 

Faculty, grad students, and postdocs reflect on our regular workshops and events

[T]hank you for running a really interesting [Academic Interviews] panel together: some diverse voices, and I learned a lot from the other panelists as well! Always good to see the various approaches different units take, even within a shared Faculty.      - Faculty member

Would definitely recommend to people wondering how to improve networking skills…great interactive process.

The workshop provided key information to get me thinking about my career path. The activities were helpful- both for learning about myself and for learning from others.

I would absolutely recommend this [non-academic work search and networking] workshop to everyone. I wish I had known about it years ago!

We were able to get a better understanding of the skills we possess and begin to understand our values in terms of skills and personality.

Faculty, grad students and postdocs weigh in on our custom workshops

We had very excellent and exceptional event with 78 participants...This is best event for graduate students we have ever had....We talked to participants, they really liked and enjoyed it. [The advisor...] conducted this workshop in very interactive, interesting and wonderful way. 

I thought that the workshop was very well done. It was very informative and the [discipline]-specific aspects made it clear that a lot of thought and care went into it.   - Faculty member 


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