Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience

The Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience was recently established at the University of Waterloo. The Centre is a growing research initiative of the University. The Centre consists of several labs focused on various areas of theoretical neuroscience (aka computational neuroscience). At present, the Centre consists of faculty members from Applied Mathematics, Biology, Psychology, Engineering, Philosophy, Statistics, Computer Science, and their students. The Centre has established a unique Graduate Program in theoretical neuroscience and hosts a regular academic colloquium series. The Centre also hosts the annual public Waterloo Brain Day lectures.

  1. June 20, 2022Brain Day 2022 Videos Online

    Wonder what you missed at the University of Waterloo's Brain Day? The videos from our three live and one remote lecture are now live at our youtube channel.

  2. May 31, 2022CTN Seminar: Karim Jerbi (UdeM)

    Karim Jerbi of the Université de Montréal & MILA will give (remotely unfortunately) our final seminar of this academic year on May 31 at 14:30 Waterloo time.

    Title: Bridging AI and Cognitive Neuroscience

    Zoom Link:available on request (britt@uwaterloo.ca)

  3. May 3, 2022Category Theory for Cognitive Science

    Category Theory for Cognitive Science will be a workshop/tutorial offered at CogSci 2022 July 27, 2022 in Toronto. Chaired by Centre Director Britt Anderson it is for all who are interested in new mathematical approaches to the problem domains of cognitive science.

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The Meaning of Life

Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience founding member Paul Thagard has contributed a chapter on The Relevance of Neuroscience to Meaning in Life for The Oxford Handbook of Meaning in Life. You can find it, and more, at Prof. Thagard's website (pdf).

Bots and Beasts. New book by CTN Founding Member Paul Thagard

Paul Thagard, philosopher, cognitive scientist, Killam prize winner, and founding CTN member has a new book out: Bots and Beasts. bots and beasts book cover