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Our award-winning faculty work in areas such as health, environmental sciences, new materials and nanotechnology. Their research improves our fundamental understanding of the world around us.

Whatever your level, whatever your interest, we invite you to explore what Waterloo Chemistry has to offer.

  1. May 9, 2021Winter 2021 Teaching Assistant Excellence Awards

    We wish to acknowledge the outstanding efforts and achievements of the following Winter 2021 Graduate TA Award winners. Through these challenging times the very positive attitude and teaching skills of these individuals has had considerable impact on enhancing the reputation of our undergraduate programs.

    Harmeen Deol
    Neil Raymond
    Tyler Lott
    Justin Shmordok
    Upneet Bala


  2. Apr. 28, 2021Adding speed to COVID-testing
    COVID-19 virus amongst red blood cells

    A twenty-minute saliva-based COVID-19 test may be coming soon to a pharmacy near you, thanks to researchers at the University of Waterloo.

  3. Mar. 4, 2021Canadian Foundation for Innovation invests in solving the challenges the world faces today
    Linda Nazar and Tong Leung

    From the smallest of nanomaterials to the edges of our known galaxy, and every water droplet in between, researchers in the Faculty of Science are pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

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  1. May 26, 2021Chemistry Seminar Series: Jeff Sakamoto

    Mechano-electrochemical Phenomena and Anode-free Manufacturing of Solid-state Batteries

    Jeff Sakamoto
    Professor of Mechanical Engineering,Materials Science,
    and Macromolecular Science and Engineering
    University of Michigan

    Wednesday, May 26, 2021
    10:00 a.m.

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