Program comparison diagram alternative text

A Venn diagram with four circles representing each of the programs in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering: architectural engineering (top left), civil engineering (top right), environmental engineering (bottom left) and geological engineering (bottom right). 

Unique subfields of architectural engineering:

  • Building science/systems
  • Technical aspects of architectural design
  • Architectural project management

The overlap between architectural and environmental engineering is energy efficiency and air quality. 

Unique subfields of environmental engineering:

  • Hydrology
  • Bioremediation
  • Water/wastewater
  • Rivers

The overlap between environmental and geological engineering is hydrogeology.

Unique subfields of geological engineering:

  • Applied geology
  • Mining/petroleum
  • Rock mechanics

The overlap between geological and civil engineering is geotechnical engineering (foundations, dams, etc.).

Unique subfields of civil engineering:

  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Construction management
  • Municipal infrastructure

The overlap between civil and architectural engineering is structural engineering.

Each of these programs contributes to creating sustainable cities and communities. The overlap between all four types of engineering is sustainability, renewable resources, climite change mitigation and adaptation.