Recent Geological Engineering Co-op Jobs

Mark Hall - Research Assistant, Department of Earth Science

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario

"My current co-op employment as a research assistant has been a highly rewarding experience with respect to higher learning, adaptation to the professional work, and personal growth. As a research assistant, I am given a number of topic to study at my own will, examining a theory through a review of existing literature and experimentation. Some of my topics include clay mineralogy, iron corrosion, and mineral by-products from iron and ground water interaction. The math, physics, and geology I have learned in the Geological Engineering program has proven vital to my current research endeavours"

Employment after Graduation

Geological Engineers can be employed in any area where a detailed understanding of the behaviour of earth materials is necessary. This includes petroleum, civil, or mining engineering, groundwater resource management, geology and geophysics, waste management, and exploration for natural resources.

According to a 2000 Professional Engineers of Ontario (P.E.O.) survey, the starting salary for a graduating engineer ranged from $45,000 to $55,000.

That same survey reported average salaries for engineers is $83,400 in the petroleum sector, $86,475 in the mining sector, and $78,800 in the construction sector.