Kyle Verwey

Kyle Verwey, Geological Engineering - Class of 2010

Kyle Verwey

Graduate program

Master of Applied Science (MASc) in Civil Engineering

Graduation year


Why did you choose your undergraduate program?

I ultimately chose Waterloo for its co-op program and I had heard good things. I had originally applied to Mechatronics Engineering, but was not accepted. Geological was my second choice and it turned out to be an amazing experience. I couldn't imagine my life if it had gone differently.

How did you like your experience at UWaterloo?

UWaterloo was great. I spent my undergrad and post grad time also involved in varsity sports so my exposure to different aspects of the university was broad. After graduation I chose to keep KW as my home moving forward, with UWaterloo being a major part of that.

What were your favourite classes?

Geotech III - for its exposure to different, unique, and real life geological problems. Mineralogy - for its field trip and lab work.
Trenchless Design (Grad Course) - for the exposure to design elements that lead directly into my current career.

How did the friends you made at UWaterloo inspire you throughout your undergraduate experience?

Between my class, stream, residence, and varsity friends there was never a dull moment. Each avenue of individuals made growing in, then excelling at the UWaterloo an amazing experience.

Co-op work term history

  • York Region - Traffic Technologist
  • Peto McCallum - Lab Technician
  • Inspec-Sol (now GHD) - Lab Technician
  • Centre for the Advancement of Trenchless Technology (UW) - Research Assistant (2 Terms)

What is the biggest lesson you learned from co-op?

The difference between various work places, and how work differs from school. Also, time management, but a different kind of time management from what you need to develop at school. Finally, the exposure to the industry, how it works and who to know.

What is your occupation now?

A design engineer & project manager for the premier trenchless contractor in Ontario.

Did your undergraduate program play a role in where you are today? How?

Yes, through co-op my experience with CATT lead me into the trenchless industry and eventually to my current company.

List 3 lessons you'd like to share with the current undergraduate students.

  1. Stay ahead of your work; playing catch up is not worth it and is a repeating cycle.
  2. Do all sorts of things; join clubs, play sports, meet new people, go out to local events (university sanctioned or otherwise).
  3. Maintain Relationship: with classmates, professors, employers, university staff, everyone you can.