Dr. Mahesh Pandey

P. Eng., Professor, Industrial Research Chair

Selected Publications:

  1. Mishra, A., Pandey, M.D., Knochenhauer, M., (2010). Probabilistic Safety Criteria and Core Degradation Mechanism. Int. J. Performability Engineering, 6(1), 3-18.
  2. Deng, J., Pandey, M.D., (2009). Using partial probability weighted moments and partial maximum entropy to estimate quantiles from censored samples. Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics, 24, 404-417.
  3. Pandey, M.D., Datla, S.V., Tapping, R.L., Lu, Y., (2009). The Estimation of Lifetime Distribution of Alloy 800 Steam Generator Tubing. Nuclear Engineering and Design, 239(10), 1862-1869.
  4. Yuan, X., Pandey, M.D., Riznic, J., (2009). A Stochastic Model for Piping Failure Frequency Analysis Using OPDE Data. ASME Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 131(5).