New Faculty Announcement — Welcome Victor Cui

Monday, February 14, 2022

The Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business enthusiastically welcomes a new faculty member: Victor Cui.

Victor is an award-winning instructor with four esteemed teaching awards, such as Golden Shovel, Outstanding Teacher, and Graduate Teaching Award, all anonymously nominated by students at the University of Manitoba and UBC where he previously taught. 

Having pursued studies in engineering (PhD, City University of Hong Kong) and business (PhD, University of British Columbia), Victor is passionate about studying strategic management of innovation. He is particularly interested in the development, acquisition, commercialization, and protection of technological innovation.


Victor Cui

“I believe that entrepreneurship and innovation are the backbones of the sustained success of our society. I am so proud of being a part of Conrad School — the forefront of leading entrepreneurship, innovation, research and education. I look forward to working with my brilliant colleagues and students to build an even more impactful Conrad School community and foster a brighter future for our society.” 

- Victor Cui, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Global Strategy

Like many Conrad School faculty members, Victor is an entrepreneur himself. He has consulted extensively and delivered workshops and training in North America and Asia in financial services, health care, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, airline, consulting, and brewery industries. In addition, he has co-founded technology startups and joint ventures in personalized medicine. 

Victor has contributed to the scholarship by publishing in top-tier academic journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), and Research Policy. He has served these areas by co-editing the 2019 JIBS special issue on IPR protection in international business. He is currently a Senior Editor of Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Area Editor of Quarterly Journal of Management (a leading journal in Chinese), and an editorial board member of JIBS. SSHRC Insight and Insight Development Grants have generously supported his research and is also a trusted expert to the media in outlets like Fortune and CBC.

Victor is currently teaching BET 607, Managing Technological Innovation.