Professional Geoscientist certification (APGO)

Ontario requires all professional geoscientists in the province to be licensed with the designation “Professional Geoscientist” (abbreviated P.Geo.) as stated under the Ontario Professional Geoscientists Act of 2000. This professional designation can be transferred to other provinces across Canada.

If you are graduating from Earth and Environmental Sciences or looking to become a professional geoscientist, we highly recommend that you complete the required courses and take the additional steps to become certified. The University of Waterloo provides a list of courses that meet APGO requirements.

The Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO) is the licensing and regulatory body responsible for ensuring that geoscientists have the qualifications and professional ethics to practice their profession. The APGO website outlines the requirements for becoming a Professional Geoscientist. Regarding our programs, please note:

  • Our Honours Earth Sciences programs (Geology, Hydrogeology and Geophysics) have been designed to meet the expectations of the APGO course requirements.
  • The Environmental Science program (Geoscience) can be designed with careful choice of elective courses to meet APGO course requirements.
  • The Geological Engineering program can be designed with careful choice of elective courses to meet APGO course requirements.
  • Co-op students participating in geoscience work may use some of their work terms to satisfy APGO’s professional experience requirements. This decision is made by the APGO.

Immediately upon graduation, students are encouraged to write the professional practice and ethics exam, after which they become part of the APGO mentorship program and qualify for the designation Geoscientist-in-training.

Please ask your professors or undergraduate advisors if you have any questions. We usually have at least one information session on professional accreditation during the regular academic year. Although we can assist with designing a program to meet the APGO requirements we can not guarantee that you will qualify, you must do your own due diligence using the tools and resources provided by the APGO.

For more information, please visit the APGO websiteThe Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists (CCPG)the national council that regulates the geosciences profession in each of the jurisdictions in Canada, can help you transfer your license to another province or territory should you move outside of Ontario.