Assistant Professor, Metal Isotope Geochemistry

Thai PhanThai Phan’s research interests mainly focus on understanding water-rock interactions and other geological and environmental processes associated with water cycles in both natural and engineered natural systems. Scientific investigations apply integrated approaches including laboratory experiments, field surveys, and geochemical modeling, particularly utilizing radiogenic (e.g., Sr, Sm-Nd) and stable metal (e.g., Li, B, Ba, U) isotopes to study environmental problems associated with geological carbon sequestration and natural resource development such as hydrocarbon extraction and mining. He is also interested in investigating how abiotic and microbial processes fractionate the isotopic composition of metals, allowing metal isotopes to be reliably used as environmental tracers.

Contact information
Office: EIT 5023B
Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 37673
Website: Thai Phan, Research and Teaching

University of Waterloo