Winter 2019 Courses

Winter 2019 Graduate Courses Offered

The University of Waterloo schedule of classes shows the days, times, room numbers and professors who are teaching the courses in each term.  The table below shows the available courses more readably and links to specific descriptions to the course content where it has been provided by the professor.

                                               Winter 2019 Courses  
Course Number Title Instructor Diploma Option

ECE 602

Intro to Optimization

O. Michailovich


ECE 610

Broadband Communication Networks

R. Mazumdar

Elective for (2)*

Compulsory for (1)*

ECE 627

RTL Digital Systems

N. Kapre


ECE 628

Computer Network Security

G. Gong

Elective for (2)*

Compulsory for (1)*

ECE 651

Foundations Software Engineering

K. Czarnecki

Compulsory for (2)*

Elective for (1)*

ECE 656

Power Systems Operation

P. Ward

Elective for (2)(1)*

ECE 657A

Data & Knowledge Modelling & Analysis

H. Amar


ECE 666

Power Systems Operation

K. Bhattacharya

Elective for (3)*

ECE 668

Distribution System Engineering

R. El-Shatshat

Compulsory for (3)*

ECE 671

 Microwave and RF Engineering

S. Boumaiza


ECE 672

Optoelectronic Devices

D. Ban


ECE 676

Quantum Info Processing Devices

C. Wilson


ECE 686

Filtering and Control of Stochastic Linear Systems S. Smith  

ECE 700 Topic 6

Master of Engineering Project

C. Selvakumar


ECE 612

Information Theory

A. Khandani

ECE 631 Microelectronic Processing Technology C. Selvakumar  

ECE 634

Organic Electronics

H. Aziz

ECE 642 Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design J. Long  
ECE 639 Characteristics and Applications of Amorphous Silicon A. Sazonov  
ECE 677   A. Majedi  
ECE 688 Nonlinear Systems C. Neilsen  
ECE 700
Topic 8
Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering:  Engineering Analysis of Living Cells L. Xie  
ECE 710
Topic 2
Special Topics in Communications and Information Theory:  Wireless Communication Network S.Shen  
ECE 730 Topic 10 Special Topics in Solid State Devices: Advance Technology for Semiconductor Processing    
ECE 730 Topic 27 Special Topics in Solid State Devices: Printed Flexible Electronics W. Wong  
ECE 770
Topic 6
Special Topics in Antenna and Microwave Theory: Photonic Communication Systems & Devices    
ECE 770
Topic 22
Special Topics in Antenna and Microwave Theory: Radio and Wireless Systems    
ECE 784
Topic 29
Introduction to Stochastic Calculus R. Mazumdar  
ECE 6618PD Medium and High Voltage Power Cables S. Jayaram **
ECE 6612PD FACTS: Models, Controls and Applications R. El-Shatshat **
ECE 6606PD Distribution System Engineering M. Salama **

*MEng students only
** MEng Electrical Power students only
(1) Computer Network and Security
(2) Software Engineering
(3) Sustainable Energy