MASc seminar - Mohamad Yonos

Thursday, August 20, 2015 10:00 am - 10:00 am EDT (GMT -04:00)


Mohamad Yonos


Assessing Mission-critical Vehicular Safety Applications under Various Network Conditions


Otman Basir


Today, enabling communication among vehicles through VANETs can enable the deployment of safety applications that can introduce significant improvements to driving safety and hence reduce traffic-related fatalities. Assessing the reliability of these safety applications is essential to evaluating VANETs' contributions to improved safety and driving conditions, and will facilitate the deployment of these applications in reality. Reliability metrics that express the requirements of safety applications in terms of network performance are much more suitable than standalone network-level metrics, as the latter do not indicate whether the requirements of safety applications can be met. This work employs awareness metrics as an intermediate step between application and network layers, to identify different levels of reliability that can be offered to different requirements of safety applications. First, through a comprehensive simulation study that involves different scenarios and some of the main influencing factors, this work analyzes the level of awareness that networks can offer under the impact of various operational settings, including transmission power, message generation rate, vehicular density, message size, as well as radio propagation and fading effects. Then, insights are provided on how network performance metrics address application requirements and contribute to enhancing the reliability of safety applications. Finally, communication parameters necessary to offering high levels of reliability are determined for three representative safety-application requirements.