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Weihua Zhuang, FIEEE, PEng

Professor, Tier I Canada Research Chair in Wireless Communication Networks

Contact information

Phone: 519-888-4567 x35354
Location: EIT 4159
Fax: (519) 746-3077

Biography Summary

Weihua Zhuang is a Professor at the University of Waterloo with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, as well as a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Wireless Communication Networks. Professor Zhuang also has fellowships with the IEEE, Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE), and Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC).

Professor Zhuang’s research interests include wireless communications, wireless networking, and smart grid. Current research activities focus on distributed resource allocation, mobility management, quality-of-service provisioning, medium access control, scheduling, call admission control, congestion control, routing, cross-layer design and optimization, heterogeneous wireless and wireline interworking, information and communication systems for smart grid. Her extensive research works have been published in the first-rate IEEE journals and conference proceedings.

Her current research involves engineering solutions for accessing wireless communication networks from moving vehicles. Her goal is to provide efficient and reliable wireless information transmission between nearby vehicles as well as between vehicles and nearby roadside units. Through her research, she hopes to understand how a large number of vehicles on the road and high vehicle speed can impact network stability and performance. The future of her research will impact terrestrial wireless communications, improve road safety, facilitate intelligent transportation, provide mobile Internet access and support location-dependent information services. 

Research interests

  • Wireless networking
  • Wireless communications
  • Smart grid


  • BSc, Dalian Maritime University, China
  • MSc, Dalian Maritime University, China
  • PhD, University of New Brunswick

Selected references

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  • W. Song and W. Zhuang, "Performance analysis of probabilistic multipath transmission of video streaming traffic over multi-radio wireless devices", IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, vol. 11, no. 4, pp. 1554 - 1564, April 2012.

Further information

Please see Professor Zhuang's own web page and the Broadband Communications Research Group web site for more information.

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