Environment, Resources and Sustainability

From Problems to Solutions

Environmental challenges can seem overwhelming. We’re constantly bombarded with news and information about air and water pollution, climate change, habitat and species loss, food shortages and other problems that threaten humanity. In the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (SERS), we understand the seriousness of these challenges – but we are focused on solutions that will allow us to navigate towards a sustainable future.

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What role can science play in addressing the current global food crisis in ways that protect those who are most marginalized and safeguard the natural environment? Professor Jennifer Clapp reflects on policymaking processes at the United Nations Committee on World Food Security around food security and nutrition issues.

How might post-secondary environmental education empower Canada’s incoming generation of change-makers to engage in meaningful environmental stewardship? Beth Grant and Emma Collette, two students in the SERS Master of Environmental Studies program, are tackling this question as part of a cross-institutional team of interdisciplinary researchers partially funded through the SSHRC Partnership Development Grant and based out of the Society Environment and Emotions Lab.