Excellence Canada focuses on five drivers as an Excellence, Innovation and Wellness (EIW) Standard: Leadership, Planning, Customers, People, and Processes. To integrate the EIW Standard university-wide at the Going-for-Gold level, five working groups have been created across campus to address each driver within the EIW Standard.

The Leadership working group

Leadership iconThe Leadership driver includes consideration of culture, values, overall direction, governance and the University's legal, ethical, financial and societal obligations. View the Leadership working group members.

The Planning working group

Planning iconThe Planning driver addresses strategic planning and goal-setting across the University, including how plans are monitored, evaluated, reported on, etc. View the Planning working group members.

The Customers working group

Customers iconThe Customers driver examines the University's service to customers (primarily students), including how well we engage with our customers. This includes consideration of listening, acting, and reporting on feedback. View the Customers working group members.

The People working group

People iconThe People driver covers how people are treated, encouraged, supported and enabled to contribute to the University's overall success. It includes wellness of employees and their families, including both physical and psychological health and safety. View the People working group members.

The Processes working group

Processes iconThe Processes driver focuses on the management of processes and projects across the University. View the Processes working group members.