The People driver within the Excellence, Innovation and Wellness (EIW) Standard covers how people are treated, encouraged, supported and enabled to contribute to the University's overall success. It includes wellness of employees and their families, including both physical and psychological health and safety.

Working group members:

  • Kathryn MacDonald, Executive Officer, Faculty of Arts (Co-Chair)
  • Sharon Lamont, Director, Organizational Services, Library (Co-Chair)
  • Tara Dosman, Employee Development Coordinator, Food Services (currently on secondment to the SSO)
  • Katrina Di Gravio, Director, Organizational & Human Development
  • Linda Brogden, Nurse, Occupational Health
  • Kate Windsor, Director, Safety Office
  • Bill Baer,┬áPast President, Staff Association
  • Lee Hornberger, Director, Total Compensation, Human Resources
  • Michelle Hollis, Director, Client Services, Human Resources
  • Doug Turnbull, CUPE Management

Updated: January 27, 2020