OGS/QEII-GSST applicant transcript request

OGS-QEII-GSST applicant transcript request form (webform)

Use this form to:

  • Order a transcript for the OGS/QEII-GSST competition. (A WatIAM login is required.)

For details about the OGS/QEII-GSST competition at Waterloo, including eligibility and timelines please visit Waterloo’s OGS/QEII-GSST web page.

Do you need to order transcripts?

YES - International students and domestic students who are NOT applying for a Tri-Agency scholarship or Vanier must complete and submit the OGS/QEII-GSST transcript request form (Graduate studies forms website). 

  • GSPA will fulfill transcript requests by retrieving official transcripts which were submitted as part of an admission application.
  • In order for GSPA to fulfill these requests, students must have provided their official transcripts from previous institutions as part of their application for admission by February 1, 2019 (domestic competition).
  • Provided students have done so, GSPA will retrieve transcripts from the previous institutions identified on this form from Waterloo’s data management system at no charge to the applicant. (NOTE: If a transcript request is submitted, but a student has not yet uploaded their transcripts as part of their application for admission, GSPA will “hold” the request until February 1, 2019 (domestic competition) to see if the applicant has uploaded transcripts and will process the request at that time.)
  • If a required official transcript is not available, GSPA will advise the student and a hard copy will need to be delivered in a sealed envelope marked for “OGS/QEII-GSST” to the attention to the Co-ordinator, Financial Aid and Awards, in GSPA, Needles Hall floor 2 by the applicable deadline.
  • GSPA will provide a copy of these transcripts to the proposed department graduate coordinator who will attach them to the rest of the application.
  • A student who has ordered transcripts for a tri-agency application through Waterloo, but who never fully submitted their application, must complete a new OGS/QEII-GSST transcript request form.

A student who does not complete a transcript request form, but who should have, will not be permitted to apply and cannot submit their own copies of transcripts. No exceptions will be made.

NO – International and domestic students who have applied or who are applying for a Tri-Agency scholarship through the University of Waterloo DO NOT need to order transcripts.

  • GSPA will automatically provide a copy of the post-secondary transcripts to the proposed department graduate co-ordinator.

The submission deadline for the OGS/QEII-GSST transcript request form is:

  • October 10, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. (EST) for international students
  • February 1, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. (EST) for domestic students

Note: Late requests will NOT be processed.