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OSAP Spring Extension Form

Complete this form if you are a student (undergraduate or graduate) and require OSAP funding for the upcoming spring term and:

  • you have already applied for fall 2023 or winter 2024 OSAP; and
  • Study term in spring 2024: you intend on taking at least 1.5 units (or 1.0 unit for students with a permanent disability); or
  • Official co-op work term in spring 2024: you require additional living costs while on an official co-op work term.

Note: If the situation above applies to you, you only need to submit this OSAP Spring Extension Form; you do not need to also submit an online OSAP application.

Recommended deadline: March 10, 2024

Final deadline: June 17, 2024

If you have already submitted an OSAP extension form or missed the deadlines above and would like to make changes to your OSAP application, please use the OSAP Application Update Form.


Contact safainfo@uwaterloo.ca if you have questions about OSAP requirements, completing the form, or decisions.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.