Jonathan Price

Room EV1-122, ext. 45711

Jonathan’s research is broadly concerned with the hydrology of wetland systems. He is especially concerned with peatland and fenland systems from a management perspective but also from a restoration perspective, especially as a result of resource extraction processes. He is also interested in the impact of climate change on peatland systems.

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Key Areas of Graduate Supervision
peatland/wetland hydrology, peatland construction and restoration

Recent Courses Taught
GEOG 303: Physical Hydrology
GEOG 405: Wetlands
GEOG 647: Recent Advances in Wetland Studies

Research Interests
My research examines pore-scale to watershed scale hydrological processes in wetlands, including water and solute flux dynamics. The research is applied and focuses on impacted systems caused by mining (e.g. De Beers Victor Diamond Mine impact on peatlands of the James Bay Lowland); oil sands extraction (e.g. constructing a fen peatland and watershed on the post-mined landscape); and peat harvesting (e.g. restoration of fens and bogs in eastern Canada). We use a combination of hydrometric, geochemical and remote sensing techniques.