Profs give roundtable discussion at Waterloo Region Museum

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Professors Fletcher, Dow, and Wandel on climate change panel at Waterloo Region MuseumThree of our hardworking Geography and Environmental Management professors recently joined with David Roewade, Sustainability Specialist for the Region of Waterloo, to give a roundtable discussion on the topic of climate change.

Held at the Waterloo Region Museum, the event was successful in engaging the public on questions of climate change impacts at home and abroad. Dr. Christine Dow spoke about her extensive work on understanding Antarctic ice shelf stability, while Dr. Chris Fletcher gave a big-picture overview of the world of climate modelling. Dr. Johanna Wandel brought the discussion closer to home with details about what climate change adaptation looks like in Ontario, tying into David Roewade’s work in the Waterloo region. Tickets to the event covered the cost of entry into the Wild Weather exhibit, which remains open to the public until April 29th. It’s important for the public to understand the difference between weather and climate, and how long-term trends in climate change can make the weather we experience on a daily scale much more extreme.

For more information for climate projections focused on the Waterloo region see this report prepared by the University of Waterloo's Interdisciplinary Center on Climate Change (IC3).

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