REEP celebrates 15 years of helping make homes more sustainable

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

REEP House for Sustainable Living began as a two-year project created in 1999 in the basement of the Environmental Studies (now Environment) building at the University of Waterloo. Their initial goal was to match academic research with practical action in the community.

REEP HouseToday, the environmental non-profit has assessed the energy efficiency of over 14,000 homes in Waterloo Region. That is approximately 10 per cent of the Region’s eligible housing stock (single/semi/row house and some multi-unit residential apartment buildings).

Customers who have followed their energy-saving recommendations are collectively reducing over 21,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year through home energy retrofits. REEP offers a number of other services in addition to the home energy evaluation. See all of their programs here.

The Faculty of Environment is proud to acknowledge members of our community who make REEP possible.

  • Mary Jane Patterson – The ERS alumn is currently the Executive Director at REEP Green Solutions.
  • Paul Parker – Professor cross-appointed with SEED and GEM and Associate Dean of Graduate studies is a co-founder and board member for REEP.
  • Jenn Lynes – An associate professor and program director for the Environment and Business Undergraduate Program in SEED chairs the REEP board.
  • Mary Louise McAllister – An associate professor in ERS and the Faculty of Environment Teaching Fellow integrates the REEP House into her classes.
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