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Sanjay joined the department in 2011 from Texas A&M University where he was an Associate Professor and Associate Department Head. In 2012 he received the Roy Wolfe Award from the Association of American Geographers for his research in tourism.

Key Areas of Graduate Supervision
Tourism, wildlife conservation/local communities interface, mountain environments.

Recent Courses Taught
GEOG 323: International perspectives to tourism
GEOG 423: Tourism lecture series
TOUR 601: Graduate tourism lecture series
GEOG 430C: Field methods in regional geography – Nepal
TOUR 603: Consequences to Tourism

Research Interests
Exploring the links between biodiversity conservation and tourism, particularly in areas of resolving conflicts between wildlife agencies and local communities, tourism impacts on the environment (in parks and protected areas, and remote communities), community participation, and local level development through tourism.

Recent Publications

  • Nepal, S.K., Saarinen, J. (eds.). (2016). Political Ecology and Tourism. London: Routledge. 278 pp. + 35 B/W illustrations. ISBN 9781138852464.
  • Schuett, M.A., Dahal, S. & Nepal, S. (2016). Local perspectives on benefits of an integrated conservation and development project: The Annapurna Conservation Area in Nepal. International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation (in press).
  • Devkota, B.*, Doberstein, B. & Nepal, S.K. (2016). Social capital and natural disaster: Local responses to 2015 earthquake in Kathmandu. International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters (in press).
  • Mu, Y.* & Nepal, S.K. (2016). High mountain adventure tourism: Trekkers’ perceptions of risk and death in Mt. Everest Region, Nepal. Asia Pacific J. of Tourism Research 21 (5): 500-511.
  • Nepal, S.K. (2016). Tourism and change in Nepal’s Mt. Everest Region. In Richins, H. & Hull, J.S. (eds.) Mountain Tourism – Experiences, Communities, Environments and Sustainable Futures (pp. 285-294). Wallingford: CABI.
  • Nepal, S.K., Saarinen, J. & McLean-Purdon, E. (2016). Introduction: Political ecology and tourism – concepts and constructs. In Nepal, S.K. & Saarinen, J (eds.) Political Ecology and Tourism (pp. 1-15). London: Routledge.
  • Dahal, S. & Nepal, S.K. (2016) Conservation for whom? Parks, people, and tourism in Annapurna Conservation Area. In Nepal, S.K. & Saarinen, J (eds.) Political Ecology and Tourism (pp. 130-144). London: Routledge.
  • Saarinen, J. & Nepal, S.K. (2016). Conclusions – Towards a political ecology of tourism – Key issues and research prospects. In Nepal, S.K. & Saarinen, J (eds.) Political Ecology and Tourism (pp. 253-264). London: Routledge.
  • Nepal, S.K. 2015. Irish pubs and dream cafes: Tourism, tradition and modernity in Nepal’s Khumbu (Everest) Region. Tourism Recreation Research. In press. (Invited Paper). 40(2): 248-261.
  • Nepal, S.K. & Mu, Y. (2015) Mountaineering commodification, and risk perceptions in Nepal’s Mt. Everest Region. In Musa, G., Higham, J. & Thompson-Carr, A (eds). Mountaineering Tourism (pp.250-264). London: Routledge.
  • Nepal. S.K., Verkoeyen, S & Karrow, T. (2015). The End of Sustainable Tourism? Re-orienting the Debate. In Hughes, M., Weaver, D. & Pforr, C. (eds) The Practice of Sustainable Tourism – Resolving the Paradox (pp. 52-65). London: Routledge.
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