Gulnaz Bulbul

Assistant Professor

EV1-227, ext. 40108

Gulnaz joined GEM in 2023, having spent 2 years as an assistant professor at the Eskisehir Technical University, Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Her research focuses on Operations Research in aviation, especially on optimization problems related to air transportation planning and scheduling, where she develops models and solution methods for large-scale optimization problems. She also collaborates in different fields of Aviation Management, concerning different aspects of sustainability in aviation, where quantitative data analyses are required.

Key Areas of Graduate Supervision

Disruption management in aviation, airline and airport operations management, airline scheduling,  combinatorial optimization, multi- criteria decision making

Current Courses Taught

 AVIA 417: Aviation Safety

Research Interests

My research aims to advance efficiency and sustainability in the aviation industry, with a primary focus on Operations Research (especially optimization) and quantitative analysis in air transportation management. Through analytical tools, I derive insights crucial for informed decision-making in the dynamic and interconnected realm of aviation management. Currently, my research agenda is centered on airline disruption management, developing mathematical models and solution methods to address recovery challenges arising from disruptions. Additionally, I actively engage in various aspects of aviation management, employing quantitative data analysis and machine learning approaches. These include contributions to aviation safety and security, revenue management, pilot performance evaluation, and human resources. Overall, my aim is not only to address immediate challenges but also to contribute to the broader goals of enhancing the resilience and effectiveness of the aviation industry with my research.

Recent Publications

Ozdemir, E., Under, U., Bulbul, K. G., & Gerede, E. (2023). Adaptation and Validation of the Employer Attractiveness Scale for the Air Transport Industry: Attracting Future Employees. In Challenges and Opportunities for Aviation Stakeholders in a Post-Pandemic World (pp. 1-28). IGI Global.

Bulbul, K. G. (2022). A Necessity for Sustainability: Operational Resilience Through Disruption Management in Airlines. In Corporate Governance, Sustainability, and Information Systems in the Aviation Sector, Volume I (pp. 11-35). Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore.

Bulbul, K. G., & Kasimbeyli, R. (2021). Augmented Lagrangian based hybrid subgradient method for solving aircraft maintenance routing problem. Computers & Operations Research132, 105294.

Ergun, N., & Bulbul, K. G. (2019). An assessment of factors affecting airport security services: an AHP approach and case in Turkey. Security Journal32, 20-44.

Bulbul, K. G., & Ergun, N. (2017). Counterproductive work behavior in air transportation organizations: A study on airline cabin services. International Journal of Management Economics and Business13(2), 407-424.