Users and facility access

Working in the lab

Two lab user categories are defined as follows:

Academic users

  • Professors, staff, students, research assistants, post-docs, visiting scholars, etc.
  • Basically anyone who is employed by or has an appointment with a post-secondary academic institution
  • Academic users must be performing academic research; industrial research will be charged at non-academic rates

Other users

The Giga-to-Nanoelectronics (G2N) Centre is an "hands-on" training facility; the lab operation philosophy is to train the lab users to a level that they can operate the equipment safely and on their own. Additional fees will be charged for work performed by G2N personnel.

The G2N Centre offers a unique opportunity for students to undergo training in all stages of research and development process in electronics, including new materials development, fabrication process design and optimization, thin film deposition and characterization, device, circuit and system design and testing.

The operation policy encourages graduate students to be trained to operate the systems thus offering exceptional value for the training of high qualified personnel. All full-time lab users in the Centre are trained to operate the fabrication and analytical equipment on their own. The users are expected to be able to fabricate their own state-of-the-art devices.

Current lab users