Lab procedures

Operating philosophy

Lab equipment and prime users

The G2N Centre operates on the basis of prime users in order to maintain the many pieces of equipment throughout the lab. In the event that a regular user encounters a problem, malfunction or error with a specific piece of equipment, he or she should first contact the prime user for that equipment. In the event that a prime user is unavailable or unable to solve the issue, the lab manager should be contacted.

If a regular lab user wishes to be trained on a particular piece of equipment, he or she should contact the prime user to begin training. Upon demonstration of competency, the prime user will provide the lab supervisor with a form certifying the lab user on that piece of equipment.

A prime user is a master's or PhD student or postdoctoral fellow who has shown the highest level of skill and expertise on a particular piece of equipment in the G2N lab. Prime users are given the follow responsibilities:

  • Safety: ensuring users know and comply with safe working practices for the equipment
  • Regular maintenance of the equipment
  • Ensuring that the equipment is usable by all interested parties
  • Training new users on the equipment
  • Addressing any problems or concerns with the equipment
  • Providing assistance in any required repairs to the equipment
  • Maintaining process information and documentation for their system
  • Inspecting and maintaining logbooks

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Laboratory access and training

Access to a laboratory in G2N is granted only to those who have a need to work in the lab. A visitor may enter a laboratory provided they are accompanied by a certified user of that laboratory at all times. To gain access to a laboratory unescorted and/or to work in a laboratory, one must complete the Laboratory Users training (see below). To obtain this level of access you may sign up for orientation courses schedule through the lab manager. A lab access key will be issued when:

  1. The necessary training course(s) are complete
  2. The required safety quiz is passed
  3. A message is sent to Key Distributions from the lab manager authorizing entry

Laboratory users training: Laboratory users are those who work in the lab on a regular basis, or those who work in a lab-even infrequently-when accompanied by a certified user. Anyone who has contact with hazardous materials is also considered a laboratory user.

Lab users must complete a training and safety seminar prior to working in the labs. This seminar includes laboratory rules, principles of safety and hazardous materials information. It is the responsibility of the lab users to ensure they have received the appropriate training and safety information for any material or process before beginning an experiment.

Research done with specific tools and equipment is generally unique to each user. As such, separate orientations, training and access for specific equipment may be required. A schedule of available training sessions can be arranged with current or prime users.

Certified lab users will received an Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) access badge indicating their certification. Their badge must always be present when entering a lab and access is granted by swiping the badge over the badge readers near the lab doors. Every person entering the lab must swipe their badge on entry. This keeps track of the number of users in a lab in the event of an emergency lab evacuation.

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Cleanroom access and training

Cleanroom access is granted to those who have a need to work in the G2N microfabrication cleanroom. To gain initial access to the microfabrication cleanroom, applicants must complete specialized training and safety seminars. This involves the general seminar course as well as hands-on sessions. A microfabrication cleanroom Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) badge key and cleanroom garment set will be issued when the training and entry requirements have been satisfied.

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Specialized training requirements

In addition to the training requirements for entry into various portions of the facility, training courses are required for those performing functions in the facility or use of dedicated tools and equipment.

There are several recognized labs that require documented safety training. These areas include labs classified for processing and characterization equipment including laser use and X-Ray equipment. Please contact G2N Staff Management for specifics.

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Equipment training

Prior to operating equipment in the facility, specialized training is required. The training requirements for a piece of equipment are designated by the prime user for that equipment and the lab manager. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain certification on a piece of equipment prior to use. After successful training, users will be allowed to use the equipment for a period of time set forth by the lab manager. The lab manager can revoke access at any time if they feel the user has failed to comply with the facility or equipment rules and procedures.

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