User fees

User fees in the Centre are based on the self-recovery of operating costs. The fee structure includes two classes of users: "academic" and "non-academic". Lab users are charged on the basis of lab time used during the term. The time is estimated by manager based on the process description provided by the user and by the time booked by the user through the online booking system. In case of major lab usage (e.g., full-time graduate student involved in device fabrication research), a flat annual fee is charged every term in equal installments. The fee structure including the rates is to be reviewed each term based on the number of lab users and existing financial support. The foundation for the facility operation is a not-for-profit principle. The goal is to maximize the creative use and the scientific and technological output of the facility while operating it cost-efficiently for the users in the no-revenue fashion.

The users are responsible for purchasing supplies or special materials for project-specific needs (masks, special metals or chemicals, equipment modifications such as wafer carriers, etc.)

Equipment operation training and process operator services are subject to charge. Training fees are charged as an hourly rate; the number of hours charged to any user is fixed. There is also a charge for the introductory safety training. However, projects that require major technical assistance outside the lab might be subject to charges. All lab equipment and access fees are subject to change.

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Re-charge categories

Industry project charges

  • Research project by a company which has 1 or more people (up to 4 maximum) embedded in Giga-to-Nanoelectronics (G2N) on a full-time basis
  • Research results may be proprietary
  • Have access to entire suite of equipment in G2N
  • Annual access fees are $75K
  • Additional user fees apply for each researcher, in the amount of $4250/user/term

Industry access charges

  • One researcher (up to 4 maximum) working in G2N on a part-time basis (less than 25 hours/week)
  • Research results may be proprietary
  • Access fee of $7500/year contributes to lab overhead, staffing and support. Each additional researcher pays $5000/year
  • User fees apply for each researcher in the amount of $4250/person/term
  • Equipment usage fee is applied, and the cost will vary depending on the equipment used

Industry partner charges

  • Partner is participating in an active G2N research project funded through a University of Waterloo faculty member. Research funds come in part from industrial partner, and in part form research grants, through which a contribution is made to the university
  • G2N researchers are post-doctoral fellows or graduate or undergraduate
  • Research results may be publicly disclosed in journal articles or reports
  • Employees of the industry partner are allowed to use G2N facilities up to two employees maximum
  • Access fees presently set at $4250/person/term

Academic user charges

  • Academic users include full-time students or post-doctoral fellows of University of Waterloo funded at least in part through research grants
  • Academic users include graduate students (or undergraduate co-op students working under supervision)  at the University of Waterloo toward a degree
  • Research results may be published or shared in journal articles or reports
  • Access fees presently set at $2125/person/term apply
  • Access to the suite of equipment available in G2N

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Lab access fees

General lab fees         

Lab fees are applied according to access level.  Select your usage level from one of three tiers (Levels 1 – 3) of flat-rate charges based on the expected lab usage per researcher accessing the lab and its equipment.  Industrial/external user access will follow the same fee structure but at 2× the academic
rates. Users choose from 3 levels of charges ranging from 10 hours (Level 1) to
unlimited access (Level 3). Hours may be topped up for Levels 1 and 2 (at the rate of
the Level), up to a maximum of 40 hours; fees are also capped at 40 hours for these

1. Academic access categories and fees per user per term:
a. LEVEL 1: Usage of the lab or equipment up to 10 hours: $725 flat rate.
b. LEVEL 2: Usage of the lab or equipment up to 20 hours: $1225 flat rate.
c. LEVEL 3: Unlimited access: $2125 flat rate.

2. External access categories and fees per user per term:
a. LEVEL 1: Usage of the lab or equipment up to 10 hours: $1450 flat rate.
b. LEVEL 2: Usage of the lab or equipment up to 20 hours: $2450 flat rate.
c. LEVEL 3: Unlimited access: $4250 flat rate.

With this new structure, researchers wishing to use the G2N facilities (cleanroom and
3rd Floor instruments) will estimate their expected usage by selecting a category at the
beginning of each term. The user is charged the given flat rate for the number of hours
at that Level. Please allow for training time in this estimation for the equipment you will
need to use.

If your usage exceeds the time for the level you have selected in any given term, your
lab usage may be increased at the rate specified for the Level. Level 3 users will have
unlimited access like the previous standard user fee.

All new users from January 1, 2024, will also be charged a $200 registration fee. This
fee will cover orientation and safety training sessions along with an initial clean room
suit and storage containers for supplies. Users who have not been active for more than
one year will be required to re-take the safety training sessions.