New users must first contact the Giga-to-Nanoelectronics (G2N) Centre (Contact us).

After initial discussion concerning the tentative project (purpose, duration, materials, processes, substrates, etc.), new users are requested to present the project outline and desired outcome. These sessions give new users and faculty members an opportunity to discuss the project with the lab staff prior to using the facility. There may be other lab users in attendance who have fabrication experience and will be able to offer suggestions on process related issues.

Next, new users must agree to pay the user fees, complete the mandatory Safety Training as described below and attend user meetings.

Safety Training for access to E3 3181

Safety Training for access to E3 1157 (Clean Room)

Clean room users must also read the document 'Giga-to-NanoElectronics (G2N) Centre Lab Policies and Procedures'.  They must submit a signed copy of the acknowledgment form at the end of this document indicating that they have read and understood the contents.