Lab technician working in a lab
The Giga-to-Nanoelectronics (G2N) lab facility is unique in Canada, combining expertise in fabrication and characterization capabilities of thin-film devices with nano-scale materials synthesis and processing. The facility enables cutting-edge research in many areas including:

  1. Large-area electronics and electronics on unconventional substrates such as plastic, metal foils and paper
  2. Development of novel electronic materials
  3. Design, processing, and integration of electronic devices and circuits
  4. Rapid system prototyping including design, fabrication, and testing
  5. Thin-film and nanoscale devices

The centre contains 15,000 square feet of laboratory and cleanroom space. The class 10,000 cleanroom is a reference model for new cleanroom facilities in the University of Waterloo, specifically the Energy Research Center and the Quantum Nano Centre.

The G2N Centre is committed to supporting graduate and undergraduate research in applications of micro- and nanofabrication and in disseminating knowledge to the research community.

The Centre welcomes industrial partners to perform research and development projects in the facility in collaboration with academic researchers. Long- term collaborative projects are given a priority. Extended fabrication projects are considered and planned individually subject to the facility load to ensure protection of all facility users' interests.