Waterloo Nanofabrication Group

The Waterloo Nanofabrication Group, led by Professor Bo Cui, carries out research within G2N on nanofabrication utilizing nanoimprint lithography, electron-beam, lithography and thin-film processing.

One area of focus is in hybrid nanoimprint soft lithography where nanoscale features formed on a rigid resist are molded in an elastic poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) support or "stamp". This elastomeric stamp, formed through coating and curing over a rigid UV-curable resist on a master mold, can be used to create nano-scale patterns on non-flat or curved surfaces by simply laying the soft mold onto resist that is subsequently UV-cured. As a form of nanoimprint lithography, this process offers ultra-high resolution, and the group has demonstrated pattern replication of 8 nanometer features.

Find out more at Professor Bo Cui's website