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William Wong

Professor Wong
519-888-4567 x31121
Location: DC 3734
Link to profile: William S. Wong

Hany Aziz

Associate Director
Professor Aziz
519-888-4567 x36848
Location: E3 3141
Link to profile: Hany Aziz

Richard Barber

Technical lab manager
Richard Barber
519-888-4567 x33864
Location: E3 3135
Link to profile: Richard Barber

Dr. Czang-Ho Lee

Research Process Specialist
Photo of Dr. Lee
519-888-4567 x31153
Location: DC 3714
Contact for: equipment training, process consultation

Chris Backhouse

519-888-4567 x31467
Location: QNC 3622
Link to profile: Chris Backhouse
Link to personal webpage: Chris Backhouse

Dayan Ban

519-888-4567 x37467
Location: QNC 4603
Link to profile: Dayan Ban
Link to personal webpage: Dayan Ban

Bo Cui

Associate Professor
519-888-4567 x38754
Location: QNC 3611
Link to profile: Bo Cui

Catherine Gebotys

519-888-4567 x33539
Location: EIT 4014
Link to profile: Catherine Gebotys

Irene Goldthorpe

Assistant Professor
519-888-4567 x31242
Location: QNC 4601
Link to profile: Irene Goldthorpe

Karim Sallaudin Karim

519-888-4567 x38336
Location: E3 3143
Link to profile: Karim Karim

Peter Levine

Assistant Professor
519-888-4567 x31414
Location: E5 4012
Link to profile: Peter Levine

Yuning Li

Associate Professor
519-888-4567 x31105
Location: QNC 5621
Link to profile: Yuning Li
Link to personal webpage: Yuning Li

Raafat Mansour

519-888-4567 x35780
Location: EIT 4107
Link to profile: Rafaat Mansour

Michael Mayer

Associate Professor
Location: E5 3009
Link to profile: Michael Mayer

Safieddin Safavi-Naeini

519-888-4567 x32822
Location: E5 4029
Link to profile: Safieddin Safavi-Naeini

Simar Saini

Associate Professor
519-888-4567 x35018
Location: E5 4032
Link to profile: Simarjeet Saini

Armaghan Salehian

Associate Professor
519-888-4567 x38531
Location: E5 3046
Link to profile: Armaghan Salehian

Andrei Sazonov

Associate Professor
519-888-4567 x32863
Location: E3 3142
Link to profile: Andrei Sazonov

Mustafa Yavuz

519-888-4567 x32093
Location: E5 3011
Link to profile: Mustafa Yavuz

John Yeow

Associate Professor
519-888-4567 x32152
Location: E3 3159
Link to profile: John Yeow

Norman Zhou

519-888-4567 x36095
Location: E5 3007
Link to profile: Norman Zhou