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DISCO DAD-2H/6 dicing saw

DISCO DAD-2H/6 dicing sawDicing saw is used to dice or groove semiconductor wafers by employing a high-speed spindle fitted with an extremely thin diamond blade. Our DISCO DAD-2H/6 system can cut wafers of up to 6 inches in diameter.

Operator can load up to 10 types of programs by specifying the program number after such data as the X stroke, X speed, Y index, Z index, and theta index have been entered, and any program stored can be used at any time.

The machine can be controlled under manual, semi-auto, and full-auto operation modes, and four fixed modes (A, B, C, and D) of cutting are provided.

Detailed specifications are as follows.

  1. Wafer size: 2" to 6"
  2. X-axis:
    • Max table stroke: 160 mm
    • Cutting range: 1" to 6" in 1/2" increments
    • Cutting feed speed: 0.3 to 30 mm/sec
  3. Y-axis:
    • Max spindle stroke: 160 mm
    • Spindle index range: 0.0001" to 4" in 0.0001" increments
    • Indexing speed of spindle: 30 mm/sec
  4. Z-axis:
    • Range of depth left uncut: 0.005 to 19.995 mm in 0.005 increments
    • Cutting feed speed: 15 mm/sec
    • Return clearance of spindle: 0.7 mm
    • Cutting mode (FIX): A, B, C, and D
  5. Theta-axis:
    • Rotation range: 0 to 90 degree in 1 degree increments
  6. x120 mag alignment microscope with 5" monitor TV

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