Intlvac thermal/E-beam evaporator


Intlvac Thermal/E-beam Evaporator

The Intlvac thermal and e-beam evaporator is a dual-chamber thermal vacuum evaporation and electron beam evaporation system. It is designed for dual chamber evaporation in a high vacuum loadlock with material handling in an atmosphere-controlled glovebox.

The first chamber is capable of evaporating by resistance evaporation from six different evaporation sources. A very high level of controlled evaporation is possible for materials that are temperature sensitive through a closed loop control system. The system allows co-deposition between one pair of low temperature evaporation sources designed for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), co-evaporation allows material mixing (four OLED sources in total). One pair of evaporation sources has special shielding to allow for high temperature thermal evaporation of platinum and other metals.

The second chamber is configured for evaporation using one or two (co-evaporation) electron beam guns and filamentless ion source that provides an oxygen or argon ion beam for assistance. The loadlocks have a fixture for holding one 6" wafer, or flat pieces of glass. A water cooled substrate holder made from OFHC copper is held in a 12" "squashed" half sphere chamber.

The top chamber is on a hinge assembly and moves 180 degrees when opened to allow substrate mounting. Substrate size is up to 150nm.

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