Phantom II RIE

The Phantom II Reactive-ion Etching system is plasma etch system designed by Trion Technology Inc. to provide state-of-the-art plasma etch capability using single wafers.

Giga-to-Nanoelectronics (G2N) Centre has 3 systems: one with CF4 and SF6 process gases to etch silicon based materials; one with O2 process gas for polymer/photoresist/plastics etching; and one with Cl2 for Al or III-V materials etching (the last one equipped with load-lock chamber for safety). Argon and hydrogen gas are also connected.

Each machine has two power sources: Radio Frequency (RF) (13.56 MHz) 600W source and ICP 1000W source. Wafers of maximum size 8 inches can be processed.

User fees for the Phantom II RIE system