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The Giga-to-Nanoelectronics Centre has reopened for research activities, as of August 17 2020.  Researchers wishing to use the facilities are required to review the new and additional safety material listed in the link at the left side of this page.

WLO1 and WLO2 deposition systems

WLO1 and WLO2 Deposition SystemsThe WLO1 and WLO2 deposition systems are a multi-chamber cluster tool for deposition of Si-based semiconductor and dielectric thin films. Each system consists of three chambers using 13.56MHz plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) to deposit doped and intrinsic a-Si:H and nano-crystalline Si films along with SiNx and SiO2 dielectric films. Substrate transfer between the different deposition chambers is achieved using a robotic transport system within a high vacuum environment.

Currently the following gas lines are connected to the system: SiH4, NH3, N2O, He, H2, PH3, TMB (B(CH3)3), and CH4. For deposition of doped silicon films, PH3 and TMB are used for n-type and p-type doping, respectively. Substrates up to six inch diameter can be run in the systems.

Each cluster tool is also equipped with a sputtering chamber for deposition of contact electrodes. The sputtering capabilities include deposition of conductive oxides such as indium-tin oxide and zinc oxide for transparent electrodes.

The two tools facilitate a wide range of options from exploratory research to production scale up. WLO1 is primarily used for exploratory research in new and emerging thin-film processing, while WLO2 is reserved for conventional processing of a-Si:H thin-film devices.

User fees for the WLO1 and WLO2 deposition systems.