WLO1 and WLO2 deposition systems

WLO1 and WLO2 Deposition Systems
The WLO1 and WLO2 deposition systems are a multi-chamber cluster tool for deposition of Si-based semiconductor and dielectric thin films. Each system consists of three chambers using 13.56MHz plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) to deposit doped and intrinsic a-Si:H and nano-crystalline Si films along with SiNx and SiO2 dielectric films. Substrate transfer between the different deposition chambers is achieved using a robotic transport system within a high vacuum environment.

Currently the following gas lines are connected to the system: SiH4, NH3, N2O, He, H2, PH3, TMB (B(CH3)3), and CH4. For deposition of doped silicon films, PH3 and TMB are used for n-type and p-type doping, respectively. Substrates up to six inch diameter can be run in the systems.

Each cluster tool is also equipped with a sputtering chamber for deposition of contact electrodes. The sputtering capabilities include deposition of conductive oxides such as indium-tin oxide and zinc oxide for transparent electrodes.

The two tools facilitate a wide range of options from exploratory research to production scale up. WLO1 is primarily used for exploratory research in new and emerging thin-film processing, while WLO2 is reserved for conventional processing of a-Si:H thin-film devices.

User fees for the WLO1 and WLO2 deposition systems.