Graduation and Convocation

Review the following graduation checklist for master's and doctoral students to ensure everything is in order so that you can receive your degree or diploma.

Graduate Studies graduation checklist

Step 1: Submit an Intention to Graduate form

Submit an Intention to Graduate/Program Completion form to your academic department immediately following the completion of your degree requirements.

Those that degree complete:

  • September 1 – April 30 will attend spring Convocation
  • May 1 – August 31 will attend fall Convocation

Step 2: Verify your name for your diploma

In Quest, check the name that appears on your unofficial transcript. This is the name that will be printed on your diploma.

If you'd like to make changes/additions/deletions to your name (including middle names), submit a Change of Name form with the required documentation to Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs by the following deadlines:

  • May 1 for spring Convocation
  • September 1 for fall Convocation

Step 3: Verify your home and email addresses

Home address

In Quest, verify that your home address is current. This is the address that will be used to send:

  • your Convocation invitation
  • your diploma after Convocation if you are unable to attend Convocation.

Deadlines to update information:

  • May 1 for spring Convocation
  • September 1 for fall Convocation

Email address

Important Convocation information is sent via email to your Waterloo account.

Step 4: Verify your degree status

You can view your degree completion status in the Degrees Awarded section at the beginning of your unofficial transcript.

Step 5: Pay outstanding University accounts

In Quest, check whether you owe the University money (for parking fines, library fines, tuition balances, etc.). Your diploma and transcript may be withheld if outstanding fees aren't paid by:

  • June 1 for spring Convocation
  • October 1 for fall Convocation

Next steps

Information about convocation ceremonies is available on the Convocation event website, such as:

Note: Alumni have access to Quest indefinitely after graduation to generate account statements and to access tax receipts.