Putting the IT Review Recommendations into Action

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The February 2023 IT Review Interim Report is now available for review. This report offers an update on the status and actions being taken to support the advancement of recommendations for each major theme and "other" categorization identified in the 2020 IT Review final report. The document identifies timelines for tasks/action items, other ideas being discussed within the working groups (lead by the co-leads), and cross-theme connections.

Project background

The IT Review, conducted between April 2019 and May 2020, was launched to assess the University of Waterloo's overall IT capability. The result of this work was captured in the Campus Information Technology Review Final Report (PDF) and included a number of recommendations for building on and enhancing Waterloo's IT landscape.

Taking action

65 recommendations identified in the final report were reviewed and organized into seven main themes, each with a unique goal. There were also eight "Other" recommendations that, while not considered major, were included in the report for consideration by campus IT management. Project co-leads will take responsibility for a theme(s) and, in collaboration with other team members, aim to bring accountability, visibility, and awareness to the work; action identified recommendations, where reasonable; and report on progress for the implementation of the IT Review recommendations. These updates will be included on theme pages as they are made available.

Major themes and co-leads

Other recommendations

Learn more

You are invited to visit the IT Review website to learn more about this work or connect directly with project co-leads to learn more about a particular theme or action item. General questions about the IT Review may be submitted to Andrew McAlorum, amcalorum@uwaterloo.ca.