RAC to main campus shuttle service

A temporary RAC 1 shuttle service in now available. This service is an interim solution, intended to meet the need and gather data while longer term transit planning takes place.

What: Taxi based transportation will be provided for persons travelling between RAC 1 and main campus.

When: This interim service will commence May 17th 2023.

Where: Pickup and delivery points will be RAC1, QNC and Davis Center at the respective ring road pullouts.

How: Call Waterloo Taxi at 519-888-7777 and request a pickup for the University of Waterloo RAC1 shuttle. To avoid confusion please provide the correct name of the service to the dispatch attendant. Your options are University of Waterloo RAC 1 shuttle or account 3555. Dispatch will request your name, your point of pickup and destination.

Who: Any person travelling between RAC1 and either of the two main campus points may request a ride.

Hours:  24/7

Cost and Limitations: This free service covers ONLY rides between RAC1, QNC, and Davis Center. Other destinations will be at the rider’s expense.

Hazardous materials may not be transported by taxi.

Comments: Please send your comments and observations to Scott Nicoll.

Transportation of new hazardous materials:

Central Stores will facilitate the transport of materials between RAC 1 and main campus destinations.

Details and contacts can be found on Central Store's mail pickup and deliver webpage.

Gas cylinder moves: Contact John for details.

Chemical Waste: Contact Greg Friday at the Environmental Safety Facility.