Gu: Single Crystal Growth and Physical Property of Various Superconductor Materials

Thursday, July 24, 2014 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

Genda Gu, Brookhaven National Laboratory


The superconductivity in various superconductor materials is of fundamental and great interest in science and technology. The single crystal growth and physical property measurement of various superconductor materials play an important role for understanding the superconductivity mechanism. I will present our experimental results on the crystal growth and physical property of high temperature copper oxide superconductor (BiSrCaCuO-2212 system, LaBaCO-214 system and LaSrCaCuO-2126 system), iron based superconductor (FeTeSe-11 system and KFeSe-122 system) and topological superconductor (CuBiSe system and PbSnInTe system). The effects of the crystal growth condition and the compositions on the single crystal growth and physical property of the high temperature copper oxide superconductor, iron based superconductor and topological superconductor have been studied by an infrared image floating zone method, modified floating zone method and unidirectional solidification method.