IQC Student Seminar featuring Aditya Jain

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

Improved diagnostics and implementation for quantum error correction

Fault-tolerant quantum computing will require accurate estimates of the resource overhead, but standard metrics such as gate fidelity and diamond distance have been shown to be poor predictors of logical performance. We present a scalable experimental approach based on Pauli error reconstruction to predict the performance of concatenated codes. Numerical evidence demonstrates that our method significantly outperforms predictions based on standard error metrics for various error models, even with limited data. We illustrate how this method assists in the selection of error correction schemes.
Current hardware for quantum computing suffers from high levels of noise, and so to achieve practical fault-tolerant quantum computing will require powerful and efficient methods to correct for errors in quantum circuits. Here, we explore the role and effectiveness of using noise tailoring techniques to improve the performance of error correcting codes. Noise tailoring methods such as randomized compiling (RC) convert complex coherent noise processes to effective stochastic noise. While it is known that this can be leveraged to design efficient diagnostic tools, we explore its impact on the performance of error correcting codes. Of particular interest is the important class of coherent errors, arising from control errors, where RC has the maximum effect ⁠— converting these into purely stochastic errors. For these errors, we show here that RC delivers an improvement in performance of the concatenated Steane code by several orders of magnitude. We also show that below a threshold rotation angle, the gains in logical fidelity can be arbitrarily magnified by increasing the size of the codes. These results suggest that using randomized compiling can lead to a significant reduction in the resource overhead required to achieve fault tolerance.
Based on:
1. Efficient diagnostics for quantum error correction
Pavithran Iyer*, Aditya Jain*, Stephen D. Bartlett, and Joseph Emerson
2. Improved quantum error correction with randomized compiling
Aditya Jain, Pavithran Iyer, Stephen D. Bartlett, Joseph Emerson


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