IQC Student Seminar Featuring Chung-You (Gilbert) Shih

Wednesday, September 13, 2023 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

Programmable Individual Optical Addressing for Trapped-ion Quantum Information Processors

Trapped ions are among the most advanced platforms for quantum computation and simulation. Programmable, arbitrary, and precise control—usually through laser-induced light-matter interaction—is required to tune ion-ion interactions. These interactions translate into diverse parameters of the system under study. Current technologies grapple with scalability issues in large ion chains and with "crosstalk" due to micron-level inter-ion separation.

In this talk, we present our development of two optical addressing systems optimized for non-coherent and coherent quantum controls, respectively.

The first addressing system employs a reprogrammable hologram to modulate the wavefront of the addressing beam, thereby engineering the amplitude and phase profile of light across the ion chain. Our implementation compensates for optical aberrations in the system down to λ/20 RMS and exhibits less than 10−4 intensity cross-talk error. This results in more than 99.9% fidelity when resetting the state or 99.66% when reading out the state of an individual ion without influencing adjacent ions. This scheme can be readily extended to over a hundred ions and adapted to other platforms, such as neutral atom arrays.

Additionally, we introduce another addressing design, tailored for coherent quantum operations through Raman transitions. This design uses a mirrored acoustic-optical deflector (AOD) setup to optimize optical power scaling and sidestep the undesired site-dependent frequency shift commonly observed in AOD-based setups.


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