EvolutionQ announces partnership with SandboxAQ

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

EvolutionQ, a leading quantum-safe cybersecurity company founded and led by Executive Director of the Institute for Quantum Computing Norbert Lütkenhaus (IQC), and IQC faculty member Michele Mosca, recently announced their latest partnership with SandboxAQ, an enterprise Saas company. This partnership was formed in relation to evolutionQ’s Series A funding and its recent grant of $7 million in funding, which will help organizations like SandboxAQ prepare for quantum computers.  

This alliance will pave the way for reliable quantum-safe cybersecurity products that will secure and guard important commercial and government information from future quantum computer attacks. Within this collaboration, evolutionQ will benefit from SandboxAQ’s technical and professional expertise as well as the opportunity to integrate and distribute SandboxAQ’s Security Suite and services, a product offered by the company to assist in the replacement of old cryptography algorithms with new ones that are secure against quantum computer-based attacks.  

This significant collaboration marks an important step in preparing for future cybersecurity infrastructure and protecting organizations against the impending threat posed by the recent advancements related to quantum computers. 

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