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Courses in quantum information have been offered at Waterloo since the 1999-2000 academic year. The number and breadth of courses have increased substantially in recent years. These courses can be taken as part of a wide range of graduate and undergraduate programs offered at the University of Waterloo.

Please note that many Quantum Information and Computing (QIC) courses are cross listed or held with corresponding home unit courses. In such cases, students can choose which section to enrol in. The sections are equivalent, and any course cross listed or held with a QIC course will count towards the QIC course requirements. Descriptions for all QIC courses are in the calendar and class scheduling information is available in the Schedule of Classes for Graduate Students.

Fall 2018

Winter 2019 (tentative)

  • QIC 750 - Quantum Information Processing
  • QIC 885 - Quantum Electronics and Photonics
  • QIC 845 - Open Quantum Systems
  • QIC 890 - Implementation of Quantum Communication
  • QIC 890 - Entanglement and Nonlocal Effects

    Educational programs

    QKD - Quantum Key Distribution Summer School

    USEQIP - Undergraduate School on Experimental Quantum Information Processing

    QCSYS - Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students

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