Applications for Schrödinger's Class 2021 are now closed.

Quantum for high school teachers

Learn how to teach quantum in your high-school class, and gain the tools to do it.

A free online workshop series for 2021

Schrödinger’s Class 2021 will be held as a series of online micro-workshops this fall, geared toward lessons that can be implemented both in-person and virtually.

Registration is free and open to all interested teachers, but space is limited.

Online workshop schedule 2021

Schrödinger's Class will be offered in two identical sessions. Successful applicants will be asked to sign up for either Session 1 (evenings) or Session 2 (weekend).

What is Schrodinger’s Class?

It is a professional development workshop for secondary school science teachers that takes place in late November. Schrödinger's Class equips you with the ability to bring quantum science into your classrooms and confidently teach your students about quantum physics, quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and more.

Quantum mechanics is transforming the way we compute and communicate today, and it will change the technological landscape of tomorrow. This workshop will help you prepare your students for the future.

Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is open to science and technology teachers, with preference given to Grade 11 and 12 physics and chemistry teachers. Teachers from inside and outside Canada are welcome to apply.

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Learn more about Schrödinger’s Class

Teachers in the laboratory

How are concepts taught and what quantum concepts are covered?

The Schrödinger’s Class curriculum consists of interactive lectures, teacher networking, and hands-on activities that will help you understand the concepts below and integrate quantum technology into the current curriculum. All workshop content has been developed and will be delivered by quantum experts collaborating with experienced teachers.

Hosted by the Institute for Quantum Computing, which is located at the University of Waterloo, you will learn how to:

  • introduce the concept of wave-particle duality in many complementary ways,

  • introduce quantum superposition using inexpensive light polarizers,

  • teach a simple quantum computing algorithm, and

  • teach quantum cryptography through a group activity using simple and affordable equipment.

Quantum resources for your classroom

When you complete the workshop, you will leave with:

  • the ability to teach quantum mechanics at the introductory level and beyond;

  • lesson plans and other affordable, ready-to-go activities to take back to your classrooms; and

  • discussion points about how quantum mechanics can transform society.

How to apply

Online applications will open September 1. Eligible applicants will receive a link to attend the online workshops and access to an online chat platform to connect with other teachers and quantum subject matter experts. Space is limited. The deadline to apply is November 1.

Participants will receive a free materials kit for the workshop demos (quantities limited, and only Canadian and American addresses are eligible).

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If you have any questions, please reach out to

When is it offered?

The workshop typically takes place late November and early December of each year.

Looking forward to 2022

In 2022 and beyond, Schrödinger’s Class is expected to return to its original form as a no-cost, three-day, in-person workshop hosted at the University of Waterloo campus. Please join our mailing list to stay up to date on Schrödinger's Class and quantum enrichment opportunities for high school students.