Education by Design: The KI Story

Suppose you had an opportunity to design a new sort of university education from scratch. What do students want? What does society need?

The Bachelor of Knowledge Integration was developed in response to the Waterloo Unlimited high school enrichment program, when students asked, "If we wanted to study more of this, what university program would we enroll in?"

Ed Jernigan, founding Director of what began as the Centre for Knowledge Integration, and first Chair of what is now the Department of Knowledge Integration, shares the story of how KI came to be.

A few years ago, Ed gave a presentation on the Knowledge Integration program to students at the Shad Waterloo high school enrichment program.

Entitled "Education by Design: Entrepreneurship in the Academy", Ed's talk covers many of the issues of interest to prospective students of the program, including:

Follow the links or simply scroll down to see excerpts from Ed's talk addressing these and other common questions about KI.

What do you want from your education?

What is the Knowledge Integration program?

What can you do with your BKI degree?

What distinguishes Knowledge Integration from other Arts and Sciences programs?

How did Knowledge Integration get started?