Waterloo Unlimited

The Bachelor of Knowledge Integration can trace its roots to the Waterloo Unlimited enrichment program, which provided unique whole-campus experiences for high school students from across Canada in Grade 10, 11, and 12. Unlimited launched in the fall of 2004; thirteen years and 39 programs later, the 2016-17 academic year marked its final program offerings.

Waterloo Unlimited, built on four cornerstones of intrinsic motivation, trans-disciplinarity, community, and self-enrichment, introduced students to the breadth and depth of the university's academic disciplines through a unifying theme such as 'vision', 'design', 'change', or 'research.' The full-day, week-long programs gave them a live-in sense of university life.

The Story of Waterloo Unlimited

Waterloo Unlimited Director Ed Jernigan gave a public talk in May 2016 in celebration of Unlimited's 10th anniversary entitled, “Changing the Change Makers: The Story of Waterloo Unlimited”. He explains the creation of Waterloo Unlimited and the importance of the four cornerstones in the program.

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