UW Collaborates - About the UW Collaborates team

UW Collaborates was developed thanks to a unique collaboration between Dr. Kathryn Plaisance (Associate Professor, Department of Knowledge Integration), and three undergraduate students in Knowledge Integration: Georgia LaMarre, Akanksha Madan, and Shane Morganstein.

The collaboration initially began as part of a 4th year Knowledge Integration Special Topics course on Interdisciplinary Collaboration, where the class identified a number of serious barriers to collaboration on campus, and noticed that collaborative skills, while expected by professors and faculty, are often not formally taught to students. With these two concerns in mind, we developed the UW Collaborates conference.

UW Collaborates took place on January 16 & 17, 2016, with students and faculty attending the conference to learn more about the state of collaboration at the University of Waterloo, how to effectively collaborate in groups, and how to apply these collaborative practices in the classroom and beyond. For more information on the conference, feel free to check out the UW Collaborates Conference web site.