Any one of these courses would satisfy your Computer Science requirement:

  • CHEM 140   Introductory Scientific Calculations

  • CS 105      Introduction to Computer Programming 1

  • CS 115      Introduction to Computer Science 1

  • CS 135      Designing Functional Programs

  • CS 145      Designing Functional Programs (Advanced Level)

  • CS 200      Concepts for Advanced Computer Usage

  • ECE 150     Fundamentals of Programming

  • ME 101      Introduction to Mechanical Engineering, Practice 2

  • SYDE 121   Digital Computation

For courses not on this list, individual approval must be obtained prior to taking the course.

The appearance of a course on this list does not guarantee the course will be offered. Some of these courses are, or may become, obsolete. They still need to be on the list for the sake of students who have already earned the credit.

The appearance of a course on this list does not guarantee that a student will be eligible to take the course. Many of these courses have pre-requisites or anti-requisites. Furthermore, many of these courses are restricted to students who major in that subject area. We include them here primarily for the information of students considering a transfer into BKI, a double major, concurrent degree, second degree, minor, or option.  We'll use this list to identify which degree requirements such a student has already satisfied in a previous course of study.

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